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Instructions for Leaving a Practicum Souvenir (redirected from Instructions for Workshop Practicum)

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Workshop "practicums" are hands-on, small-scale exercises that ask participants to experiment at a beginner's level with the tools of the digital humanities. The output of a practicum is an interesting "souvenir" from the exercise (uploaded as an image, doc, or anything else in the Souvenirs folder on this for a particular workshop).


U. San Francisco Workshop -- Souvenirs folder 



Bard College Workshop -- Souvenirs folder 



Instructions for Leaving a "Souvenir"


(i) Perform the workshop practicum exercise

(See the instructions for the individual practicums below).


(ii) To post a souvenir from your practicum, first create a page on this site through the PBWorks editing menu bar: "Pages & Files" > "New" > "Create a Page":


PBworks - Create a Page


(iii) Name the page using the format "Your Name - Name of Tool Used" (e.g., "Alan Liu - AntConc"), and place it in the folder on the site for your workshop's practicum (so that we can easily find all the participant pages for a practicum together):


PBworks - Name Page and Assign to Folder


(iv) When your new page is open, select the "Edit" tab in the top menu.  Add your textual or other content.  Be sure to "save your work as you go: 


PBwworks - edit


(v) By default, editing is done in GUI or graphical user interface that shows you approximately what the final result will be.  However, you can also edit in the source-code view by toggling "source" in the editing interface:


PBworks - source code view


(vi) You can upload images and other media from your computer to the site using the "Images and files" tab in the editing interface.  Once the images are uploaded, then you can add them at your cursor location while editing a page by clicking on the link for the image in the sidebar:


Pbworks image uploader


Example of resulting souvenir page:


Example of souvenir page










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